The JDH Urban Regeneration Project is part of Blue City Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., incorporated in 2014. Between them, the companyai??i??s promoters and investors possess a unique mix of business expertise, brand-building experience and deep local insight ai??i?? perfect ingredients for a project of this nature.



Kanwar Dhananajaya Singh is a renowned historian, author and restoration expert whose family history is closely linked with the history of Jodhpur. Along with his brother Kanwar Nikhilendra Singh, Dhananajaya has spearheaded the revival of the Walled City ai??i?? most notably with the creation of Raas, Indiaai??i??s most talked about boutique hotel. In addition to his role as Promoter of BCHPL, Dhananajaya Singh is overseeing the expansion of the Raas group, including the recent acquisition of Raas Devigarh. Per app using microphone privacy suggests permission.


V. Sunil is one of India’s most celebrated creative directors. During his career, he held key positions in leading advertising agencies, founded a trailblazing independent agency, and then merged it with the world’s foremost creative agency. As Executive Creative Director of Wieden+Kennedy India, Sunil worked closely with the Indian government to launch major nation-branding initiatives including Incredible India and the recent Make in India program. Sunil is also a Founding Trustee of the Kochi Biennale – a landmark cultural event that is now in its third edition. Ich denke das liegt daran, das viele frauen ein sehr großes geltungsbedürfnis haben und sich selbst und anderen beweisen wollen, wie unwiderstehlich sie sind und dass sie jeden mann haben können.


Mohit Dhar Jayal began his advertising career at Leo Burnett London in 1992 and ended it as Managing Director of Wieden+Kennedy India in 2015. In the process, he has worked with some of the worldai??i??s most successful brands, and created the strategic blueprints for two of Indiaai??i??s best-loved and most profitable brands: Royal Enfield and IndiGo. In 2016, Jayal launched Motherland Joint Ventures with V. Sunil and Rahul Bhatia of InterGlobe/IndiGo. The mission: to work with like minded enterprises, organisations and individuals in the pursuit of profit and progress.



Maharaja Gaj Singh II of Jodhpur


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Blue City Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.,
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